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Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it. -Helen Keller

Group Therapy

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Current Groups: 

Online Adult Process Group for Texans and Californians 9-10:30am CST

Adult Process Group Co-led with Deborah Sharp, Tuesdays at 1-3:30pm and 3-4:30pm

Ryan Spencer LMFT, CGP, Group Therapy and Counseling, Process group, Austin TX

Group therapy is a unique form of psychotherapy where individuals come together under the guidance of a professional therapist to work on their individual goals. In a group, members address a wide range of personal and relational issues including but not limited to: anger, distrust, communication, shame, anxiety, depression, assertiveness, shyness and confidence. Over time, through support, confrontation and feedback, members begin to trust each other and learn how they are impacted by others as well as how others are affected by their behavior and ways of relating. The group becomes a safe environment to "try on" new behaviors and observe how others solve similar problems. 

Many people have concerns about being in group therapy. I work hard to ensure that group is a healthy experience for all members. I meet with every potential member several times individually before they join the group. In these meetings I assess if one can benefit from the group, if the group is right for the individual and prepare them to use the group most effectively. I ask that group members do not have contact outside the group to ensure confidentiality and maintain honesty. I am a CGP (Certified Group Psychotherapist) and have received extensive training in group psychotherapy and consistently seek further education, training and experience.

For many people group therapy can be an ideal complement to individual therapy. The decisions for treatment are best made between the client and therapist. If you are interested in group therapy, please contact me to find if there are any openings that would be a good fit for you.

Ryan Spencer LMFT, CGP, Group Therapy and Counseling, Process group, Austin TX